Molina Healthcare and The Ant Society have enjoyed a successful working relationship that has delivered and exceeded our expectations. This is due partly because they have a great understanding of our brand and its mission, and also because they understand our target. The creative we’ve received and utilized from The Ant Society helped reposition our brand. We are thankful for our relationship with The Ant Society and the work that resulted due to our partnership.
— Lisel Cherry - Director, Marketing and Brand Management at Molina Healthcare
With the vast number of radio and TV commercials I’ve managed, it’s always a privilege for me and a great advantage to the clients, to work with such an outstanding agency as The Ant Society. They truly know the market, and a more creative person than Hans Castro Gallo is difficult to find.
— Jorge Jarrin - Spokesperson and Los Angeles Dodgers Sportscaster
If you want to create meaningful environmental change, you first have to create meaningful engagement. Hans and his team at The Ant Society have been spot-on creative partners for Heal the Bay, devising anti-pollution campaigns that are never preachy but always witty. I value his ability to combine intricate visuals with simple messaging to create advertising that sticks with you.
— Matthew King - Communications Director Heal the Bay